Minting in process; fresh MINTs at SEA OTTER.

cycling sock design

To mint is to make, fabricate or invent. It suggests something unused, in original condition.  Our first assorted MINTs are in the process of receiving their final stamp of approval in order that they be properly minted.  The design is then archived and a dewey decimal number is assigned in case we ever need to locate the original.  It’s an arduous process but nevertheless, a box to be checked.

Well, lo and behold (!), while writing this piece to tell you about our Sea Otter debut, we’ve just been informed that our first three models – Triangulate, The Dreamer, The Chutney – have been released from the minting compound! We’ve also dialed up some special packaging from 1950 that is currently traveling through time and scheduled to arrive soon. Given the reality that what you see today may be gone tomorrow, if you want to pre-order, we’ll make sure your pair and package is earmarked and your freshly minted socks will be ready to ship to you on April 30th.  We wish we could get them sooner but can’t control time travel.

If the Sea Otter Classic Festival (April 18-21 in Monterey, California) is in your plans, we’ll have freshly minted socks there available for purchase. We'll have presence within the BONT Cycling shoe booth, # 165/167 on the grassy area closest to the race track. Remember, for every pair we sell, we’ll donate a buck to NICA. You can read about that here. Thank you and have a fabulously fresh day. 

Suzette Ayotte