One more reason to buy Mint.

NICA XC mountain bike race. PHOTO : Motovation Sports

If we’re doing anything right, hopefully you like our freshly minted socks. But here’s a little feel good icing for your cake. 


As mentioned elsewhere, we’re bike people and we work in a space that we love. Sometimes we take it for granted.  There are more ways than one to bake a cake and more ways than one to say ‘thank you world.’ Once upon a dingle berry, we were all kids, we learned to ride bikes, and that was liberating as all get out. Remember that day you pulled the training wheels off your bike? 

Some of us turned that joy into a job and we believe that most of us look back on those training wheels or a particular moment of revelation where you just knew you were probably going to ride a bike – forever. 

Riding a bicycle for whatever reason you choose rocks. It is life and planet changing. We are saving the planet in some way. Never forget that. 

We could talk about this forever but it’s time for us to shut up.

We want to give back. 

So here’s our pledge: for every pair of socks sold, a buck will go to NICA. What’s NICA? In its absolute simplest form, NICA gets more kids on bikes, starting at the high school level and in some states, starting even sooner. NICA has made cycling a high school sport where anyone and everyone can participate. 

  • No one is benched. Everyone participates.

  • Every finish on race day counts.

  • Girls and boys train together! Sweeeeet!

  • Everyone’s a winner. Yes!!!

  • And statistics show, that 99% of NICA kids say they will continue to ride bikes for the rest of their lives. How cool is that?

And why wouldn’t we support that? High school mountain bike participants of today are us tomorrow. They are our bike industry, keeping the dream alive. 

NICA XC mountain bike race.PHOTO : Andrew Garza
Suzette Ayotte