Caring for your Mint socks.

Mint socks are made with fine Italian threads – in Italy, of course. In Italy, it is said that one should never put fine socks in the dryer. “Line dry,” they say. Well, they wouldn’t say line dry, they would actually say linea asciutta.

We put our own Mint socks through countless spin and dry cycles in attempt to wear them down. While we were unable to tire them we do believe that your socks are most likely to stay true to size if you line dry them like the Italians do. We believe that your freshly minted socks could shrink a quarter to half an inch if you toss them un-discerningly and repetitively into the dryer. 

Line dry for best results is is one of the reasons why we made our first freshly minted batch seven inches in length. If they are unwittingly tossed in the dryer, you’re unlikely to notice a huge difference when you’re already walking tall. 

REMOVING the guesswork,
here’s how the Italians do it. 

Caring for your socks- gentle wash, line dry, do not tumble dry

Many Americans, especially cyclists, toss their socks in the dryer because riding in dry socks is better than waiting for socks to dry.