Meet our latest Mints.


The MINTs you want today may be gone tomorrow!

MINT socks are crafted in Italy and will be around (‘round your feet, ankles and calves) for years to come. Since we wish to keep your feet fresh with newly minted knits, once we mint a design, it’s done.

We archive our designs on microfilm* aka microfiche and you need to know the Dewey decimal system* in order to retrieve the design. Considering no one really knows what that is any longer, there’s no way to get the designs back.


*microfiche –stored data like back up drives. Invented in 1961 just around the time of the Dirty Martini.

*Dewey decimal system – a library classification system still used in 200,000 libraries in 135 countries.

Mint cycling socks are finely knit and made in Italy.

The Red Racer cycling sock from Mint.