Everyone should own something MINT. 

Something first class and fresh, and on the finer side of life – like high thread count sheets. We wanted to make that something both accessible and utile without having to crawl back into bed just when you got out. Utilitarian items are aplenty but we settled on socks.

The absolute best thing about socks is that you always get more bang for your buck even when you purchase just one model, because socks are always sold as a pair. So…you actually just got two of something ie. two socks. Pair of socks makes sense but why are pants a pair?

But oh, we digress.

About us – briefly.

Us is one. Us, as in MINT Socks, is female-owned and operated by long time bike industry person living under the moniker, Suzette (as in crêpe/her). There’s a whole other story there; link to that story is provided at end.

Suffice it to say, years of sales and marketing in the cycling industry led ultimately to the creation of this small business that was originally build on the idea of intertwining mid modern designs and colors into cycling socks. It dawned on her shortly thereafter that cyclists are not just athletes but are fashionistas as well and it would be up to her to stay on point and keep abreast of trending needs.

Some designs will stay; some will go. Some are limited edition; one run only. Some will stick around because her revered dealers like to reorder. One thing is both certain and constant – and that is change. Though trends, models and colors will change, MINT quality will not. 

So if you like what you experience when you don your first pair of MINTs socks, rest assured there is more of that to come.



$Twenty two will get you a pair of newly minted socks. We’ve washed ours hundreds of times and we can’t seem to make them sag, deform, or discolor. We definitely can’t spin cycle the shape out of them. Speaking of spin cycle: if you want your MINTs to maintain their height, don't put them in the dryer! 


These days twenty-two bucks is not a ton of coin for finely knit threads but it's still twenty-two bucks that could be spent on tacos. So if you choose to buy MINTs instead of tacos, then thank you.  

We also give back. For every pair of socks, a percentage goes to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, also known as NICA. Jump here to our SpinCycle News to read more about NICA. 

Just to note...when our socks ship directly from me to you they’ll arrive in an uber mod, reusable, button-and-string-tie box – that is, until we run out. There’s an opt-out option when you order if you prefer no packaging. Once those boxes are gone, we will opt for something a bit more planet-friendly.  

Remember, we support NICA and their amazing work to get #morekidsonbikes 

Jump to this link to learn more about me, Suzette, as in crêpe.