Everyone should own something MINT. 

Something first class and fresh, and on the finer side of life. We wanted to make that something accessible, choice, and utile. And what’s more utile than socks?

Mid-mod designs and colors are incorporated into our freshly minted socks. Designs from that era represent our commentary on newly minted Mint socks. You can never truly replicate an original mid-century modern fabric, design, or piece of furniture because there’s an emotion attached to the original and to the era. That’s why we love the era. We know there are emotions attached to some of your material things. And we hope that you attach some emotion to ours.

Much like original mid-century modern items that can never truly be replicated, minted Mint socks will never be replicated. Once that model in a specific color and design is gone, it will never come back. Newly minted socks will follow.


A twenty spot will get you a pair of newly minted socks. We’ve washed ours hundreds of times and we can’t seem to make them sag, deform, or discolor. We definitely can’t spin cycle the shape out of them. We tried and failed so we’re bringing our freshly minted socks to life. And we hope you attach emotion to them. 


In case you’re wondering why our Italian made socks sell for twenty bucks, it’s this simple. First, we’re giving some of that money away. For every pair of socks we sell we’re giving a buck to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, also known as NICA. Jump here to our SpinCycle News to read more about NICA. 

Okay, so the second reason that our Italian-made socks will run you a mere twenty (besides the fact that they’re made in Italy), is the box. When our socks ship directly from us to you they’ll arrive in what we think is an uber mod reusable button and string-tie box. This is the type of box you might have seen sitting on the art director’s desk at one of those 1950s advertising firms. If you weren’t born yet – and most of us weren’t - then maybe you saw one on Mad Men. We’re certain you will want to reuse it. Shucks, you may even end up buying more socks just for the box

But NICA first. And foremost. #morekidsonbikes