Baaaah, the Sheep Series is here.

Because summer ends and fall begins.

Introducing the first two in what we hope is a long and storied line of MINT merino cycling socks. Storied, because we like telling stories.

The first of two cold weather merinos is the neutral Grey Matter that is sure to match any kit. Grey is just a different shade of black. It pairs well with all.


#assortmint @jeff.tumblesome.7 rocks Grey Matter at the entrance to Seeley Pass in Seeley, Wisconsin. Real life, crazy strong cyclist; not just a model.

When it comes to gray vs grey, either is acceptable. Gray is more widely used in the US while grey is more common in other English speaking countries. As we are all-inclusive, grey it is. Grey matter in science is essential to your functioning brain. Grey Matter in MINT is essential to your functioning feet in colder weather. Riding in cold weather is good for the soul. So get your brain in the game, kit up properly, and make it matter.




Second in our cold weather line-up is Autumn Glow. We’d settled on on Autumn Tint but then our good buddy and VIP #assortmint over at Eastside Cycles in Boise, Idaho smacked us straight upside the head and said ‘yo, get glow’d’ and so we did and it is, and you are if you’ll have us (and we don’t mean over for dinner; there’s a pandemic afterall). 


Former pro Remi McManus @r_adventurist models Autumn Glow. Remi is also a badass real-life rider and not just modeling for the money.

You don’t have to be from New England to know that these vibrant colors are the ones that awe-inspire when the leaves are changing.  Our hope is to inspire you to pedal and few would argue that autumn – no matter where you live - is the prime time to ride. Autumn air is a dive into a lake on a hot humid day. It’s the regeneration of cells; it is the most easily accessible form of joy. Kit up with care and get your toes glowing. #glowup and ride.


Coming soon: Bah Bah Blue Sheep. True story. Baaarack is right there, all bushy blue’d and ready for sheering.