"What’s in a name?" Shakespeare queried.


A number of customers have penned to ask what’s behind the sock names? While the name doesn’t matter nearly as much as the quality of the thing, we’ve been accustomed to the naming process since day one. 

Take Rubber Ducky in Jail for instance...


[Words to ride by: #Assortmint and endurance athlete Jeff Tumbleson said, "This one is hot s*%t!"]

Most cyclists, it is known, have a special connection to their bike. Runners have a similar connection to their running shoes. Bikes and running shoes take you on journeys, and not just physical journeys, but journeys you take in your head while the miles pass by and minutes tick on. It's an escape, your happy place, your outlet, your me-time - whatever you wish to call it. 

[#Assortmint, Ultra Cyclist Maria Vasquez pairing Tres Piñas and the Rubber Ducky.]

We’d be winning big if you were to feel that way about your MINT socks -- that you have a favorite, that is. While we’re not ego-centric enough to imagine you’re going to find your best friend in a sock, we do hope you’ve found a go-to or two among the MINT collection. And rather than saying, it’s the grey and yellow pair, we feel you’ll have a better chance of connecting to it, for example, if it's the Rubber Ducky in Jail.

But how is this a rubber ducky?

It’s easy. We got the idea from writer Kyle Chayka who wrote in his Pantone’s Pandemic Colors for 2021 for Art News, "The pairing of yellow and gray is a little bit slapstick: a rubber ducky in a jail cell.”  

Here’s what came up in a recent Google search: 
How proud are we? Our little freshly MINTed Rubber Ducky in Jail cycling sock making it to the top of the Google search. 
Give this one a shot. You’ll be surprised how easily it pairs and it might just become your go-to.